Friday, August 2, 2013

My Laundry List of Complaints

I found this listed as a draft and I'm not sure exactly when it was written. Unfortunately, the date updated to today, after I'd read it over. I'd have to say this was shortly before my kids moved to their 2nd apartment with NR... I decided to post it now, not sure why I didn't to begin with... Just another side note here, the situation has changed drastically from this post until now.

I received a call from The Ex yesterday. We were discussing our arrangement for him picking up our girls on Thursday morning. He mentioned how excited the girls will be once they get home because they will have a new room and many new things to play with when they get there. One thing he was so proud to spout off about was the brand new 3D TV he just purchased. Now at that moment in time I didn't think anything of it. But as I sit here going over my finances ($8.62 total), wondering how I was going to fill up my gas tank at least one more time and buy food to last me just one more week until I get paid again. It dawned on me... How the fuck can he possibly afford to buy a new television like that? Obviously if he's feeding my children as he should be and makes sure that all of their needs are being met, he should be pretty close to pinching pennies much like myself. But no.. he's out earning a Best Buy Silver membership and purchasing brand new televisions. I pay him over $450 in child support specifically so that money can go toward my girls. Not so he can splurge on new toys for himself. My children don't need a new fancy television. They need to be outside. Playing at the park or out in the yard. From sun up to sun down. Until those little eyes of theirs won't stay open a minute longer. A television is not a babysitter.

As well as I know the guy though, there are things I'm pretty sure are going on in the privacy of their own home: All or most hours that the girls are at home with their dad are spent in front of the television with a movie playing. While this is going on, he is probably in another room doing who knows what (video games, movies, generally anything that involves him sitting on his ass). I'm pretty sure that one to two meals are skipped completely and they may or may not snack throughout the day. Visits to the park are few and far between. When he says they go on a walk every day, I'm pretty sure he means to the mail box and back. (located about 20' away from their back door). It's only obvious that they don't get enough physical activity. A small two block walk to and from the park should not tucker out my 4.5 year old. Those tiny little legs should be used to running and climbing for days at a time! She should be excited to be out and about, running up ahead and wanting to just go, go, go. Proper nutrition and being outside as often as possible helps make that happen. Not sitting inside watching television all day.

Some things that have been confirmed by other parties: At least 4 days out of the week, are not even spent at home, but out of town with other family members. Not day trips. Not like they are going to a babysitter then home to sleep in their own beds, but actually staying the night for 2 to 4 or more days a week. Why aren't my children coming to stay with me? If he needs them to be looked after so much and so often, why am I not the first person on the list of where they will stay? If he's not going to look into daycare so that they can be home each night as they should be, I really feel they should be coming to stay with me instead.

What about his bullshit daily text messages. "How are the girls?" Seriously? The girls are amazing and much better off here with me where they play outside and go to the park. Where they are allowed to use crayons even when they 'accidently' write on the walls. Where they don't have to ask to go to the bathroom or to grab a drink of water.

Without actually hiring a private investigator, I can't think of any other way to prove that he's not taking proper care of our children. They have mentioned from time to time that "Daddy is mean," but when it comes to our sweet and adorable little munchkins, that could mean that Daddy didn't let them have sprinkles on their ice cream..

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