Friday, August 22, 2008

Day and Night's Day Elements

First thing, I have links to my designs over to the right. You can grab my Coffee Break kit and my Cardboard action from there. I'll be re-posting my Mini-teaser a little further down this post and then I have part one of my Day and Night Elements. First comes day, then comes night.

But, before that (and while I wait for 4shared to upload) I thought that I'd give a Madison Update. She had her 10 month pedi appointment on Monday. She is just getting SO big! 26 pounds now and 30 inches tall! So, that puts her in the 95 plus percentile. Her appointment went well for the most part. We give her way too much formula and she doesn't use a sippy. It's a good thing the doc gave us a couple more months to work on that. Haha! Doctors are crazy! Seriously though, I think I over estimated on the amount of formula she gets anyway, but the doc said we can get her started on whole milk. That'll be nice. No more 13 dollar cans of dry, smelly formula. We've already been giving her the milk for a few months now, but now we can make it more of a full time thing. She's always been a few months early on all her 'food' developments. She started solids at 3 months and now she's 10 months and she's eating finger foods. She's way too smart for her age. She thinks she's a big girl and wants to do big girl things. The doc said that she's worried about the size of her head because it's been growing at a pretty rapid pace since birth, so she may have to go in for some tests at her next appointment. Though the doc said there was nothing to worry about, you still worry. No one ever wants to find anything wrong with their babies. I think her heads just big because she's so smart! hehe.

Alright, now on to some freebies for you. Here's a look at the teaser that I had posted over at Jillian Rose Designs:

Click Here to Download

Next, here's the preview to the Day and Night's Day Elements. I've realized that I'm not very good at arranging my elements for a pretty preview, so i guess that's another thing that I'll just need to work on.

Click Here to Download

If you scroll down to yesturday's post, you'll see the Day and Night papers. Don't forget to grab those.

Alright everyone! Have a great weekend!


Ginger said...

Hey girl.. I am back :) That was a real fun week lol.... So I LOVE the new blinkie, I think you need to make a GingerScraps one for me. I am just not good at it. If you want to let me know and I will send you some stuff to make it with. Something that looks like the new secret location.. if you know what I mean. And your new kit looks totally cute!! Ok, talk to you soon, Ginger

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 23 Aug [LA 01:41am, NY 03:41am, UK 08:41am, OZ 06:41pm] ).