Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cafe Mom – A place for Everyone!

This was the first community that I joined once I became a mom. This was also the community where I learned about digital scrapbooking. I joined Melanie’s (SassyPixi) group – Digital Scrapbooking – and it all went on from there. I started making pages, joined a bunch of the scrapbooking forums. Opened up my first blog (though I had many web pages that I had started and never finished) then became a digital designer. And now, I’ve started a new group at Cafemom called Scrap Kit Designers. I’m hoping this will be a fun place to learn how to make elements, papers, kits and somewhere that people can go to learn how to use there computer programs in an atmosphere that is Scrapbooking Related. If you’re a member, come join the group. If not, head on over to Cafe Mom and sign up! I’d love to see you there!


Ann said...

I'm headed over to cafe mom right now to join your new group.

Jodi said...

"Cafe Mom – A place for Everyone!"

Well not EVERYONE lol. Just mom's!

Jillian Rose said...

Yea Yea.. Just mom's.. haha!

That's so great Ann! We'll see you there!