Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes! It's Friday Already!

Well, The week sure went fast. It just flew by! I really love it when that happens. The only unfortunate part is that the temp keeps getting higher and higher as the days go by and it's suppose to peek tomorrow in 3 digits.. UHG! Too hot! I'm just glad I won't be working out in the heat. Hopefully our house will stay nice and cool. We don't have AC, so there's a lot of hoping and wishing that the cold air from over night keeps the house cool enough to survive the day. Cross your fingers and we're not boiled out of house and home. I do have AC in my car (hehe).

What's new with Jillian Rose Designs? I know I've been telling you I've got this great kit waiting to be finished. And it's still waiting! Bummer! But, I've been offered a chance to do a collab and some kits for a challenge at Cafemom. Yay! Those should be fun. What does that mean for my Day and Night kit? Either 1. It'll take a little longer, you've waited this long why not a little longer? or b. I'll have a some motivation to get it done faster, wouldn't that be the way to go! I'll get to work and we'll see where it ends up! How bout some luvs and motivation!!

Okay, so, what else is new? I've got a big secret just waiting to pop. But, you all are going to have to wait till September. I haven't really scrapped anything for a month or so and I'm hoping to get in on the action at SOTB, RAK Scraps, The Orchard, CLD and/or maybe Scrap Matters. Who knows, maybe even somewhere else.

Alright I'm off to designs some cool new stuff! Have a great weekend everyone!

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