Monday, October 20, 2008

Another LO Tonight


Mom’s Favorite Face - 9/6/2008

This was made with a mini kit called Wishing on a Flower by Irene Alexeeva. I also used a Shabby Princess Alpha  called Harvest Spice.

I believe that the picture was taken by Madison’s Aunt Tiffany while in the backseat on the way to or from the coast. This is by far my most favorite face that she’s made in her whole year of life. I’m sure there'll be many more to come, but this is just absolutely Priceless! Look at all those teeth!

One more thing that I wanted to share with this LO. The font that I used was from Fonts for Peas. This site is great. You can turn your own handwriting into a font. And, they’ll do it for free if they like your handwriting! How neat is that!? One of these days I’ll get a sample together, but until then, I’ll use the countless fonts that they offer. All Free. All handwriting! Go check it out!

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Ann said...

I love your page and that is most definately a priceless face