Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Very Good at This…

So, it’s been 11 days since the start of project 365 (if you began on January 1st) and I think I have taken a total of 5 pictures. That makes my completion rate at less then 50%. Not to mention that they’ve all been taken on my cell camera so the quality isn’t so great either. Doesn’t help that my good one needs new batteries (note to self: buy better batteries) nor have I been carrying it around with me wherever I go anyway. In fact, I’m not sure that i actually know where it’s at… (note #2: find camera).

010309 - littlepetshop Photo-0007 Photo-0010 Photo-0011 Photo-0012There are the pictures that i’ve taken so far. The first one is the set of Madison’s favorite new toys. Next is a photo of her sitting in the car seat. She was pulling strings off her socks and placing them on her head. The next photo is of Madison playing with her books. She has figured out how to move the cushions from grandpa’s coffee table out of the way so she can sit there and play. Next is a photo of my messy bed. You can’t really see the cat that is next to the window very well. But, the funny part about this photo is that the two cats are usually never closer then 10ft. So it was cute to see them both lying on my bed at the same time. Lastly is Madison with a balloon hat that her daddy made for her.

Hope everyone has had a great beginning to their New Year!

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rhonda said...

CUTIE baby Madison! Hey sweetie, don't worry about keepin' up, as long as you get some of these gorgeous memories to keep! I'm an amateur photog and half the time I forget to take my camera with me when I leave the house! pfft!

Your doin' great kiddo!