Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can’t Decide

Hmm. I can’t decide which kit to use for my new blog wear!! Plus, I forgot I was suppose to be working on another freebie for you guys… My oh my, where has me brain gone? Reminds of me of saying “I’ve gone to look for myself…” however it ends.. Can’t remember.

Madison did the silliest thing today. Well I think it’s silly anyway. Her grandparents have a Blue Grass band and many times Maddie gets to go with them when they play. Today, she pulled a storage box out form under her bed and used it as a stage. At first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. She was just standing on this box jumping around and yelling really loud. Then I realized that she was Singing! Just like grandma and grandpa up on the stage. It was so cute. Every once in a while she’d stop and start talking to her ‘audience’ (me) then she’d start singing again. I giggles so hard that tears starting coming out my eyes. Wish I had the video camera, I’m sure her grandparents would have loved to see that!

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