Monday, August 5, 2013

Equality and Books

Just a few days ago I thought that I was going to have to completely put my education on hold so that I could use the money for school to pay for hiring a lawyer. I shouldn't have to be worring about things like this. Whether or not NR and I have a joint or sole custody order, when it comes to our children, there shouldn't be this much disagreement. I am so tired of him picking fights with me over 15 minute windows, and I just don't understand why he doesn't want to make sure that our kids see both him and I as much as they possibly can. His actions should be in our children's best interest, not what is convenient for him.

After a week of doing research about my case and putting together my defense, I truly feel that I have enough reason to show that my children should be with their mother. The thing is, my kids should be shown that they are equally loved by every important person in their lives and their father should not only respect that but also make sure that it happens.

With that said, I'm happy to say that I am extremely excited that I didn't have to set aside one of my dreams so that I could focus on another. I'll be able to do them both.

A little random, but I read this quote today:

“My daughter is seven, and some of the other second-grade parents complain that their children don't read for pleasure. When I visit their homes, the children's rooms are crammed with expensive books, but the parent's rooms are empty. Those children do not see their parents reading, as I did every day of my childhood. By contrast, when I walk into an apartment with books on the shelves, books on the bedside tables, books on the floor, and books on the toilet tank, then I know what I would see if I opened the door that says 'PRIVATE--GROWNUPS KEEP OUT': a child sprawled on the bed, reading.” ― Anne FadimanEx Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

With today's technology, not a lot of people have books scattered throughout the house. I almost want to buy books just to do this. I want my kids to be interested in reading. The more they read, the more they will know.

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