Monday, August 11, 2008

And, Now it's Monday

Well, Madison is off to the sitter, which really isn't a sitter but rather my Dad's girlfriend who just adores the little one. Makes it nice because we save ALOT of money on daycare, and Maddie gets to stay close to the family. I do wish there were some other baby's that she could interact with. She hasn't been sick much, which is good for us, but i'm sure preschool will be hectic on her imune system when the time comes. I know that's a few years away, but she still needs to learn to play nice.

DH isn't too supportive of my new scrappy hobby. I told him that I could be doing it on the kitchen table but he just snickers and says "Oh No, you wouldn't!". Gee thanx hun! Anyway, the only thing that means is that it makes it harder for me to get much done while I'm at home. Between taking care of Madison and Hubby, it doesn't leave much time for anything else. How do those other mom's do it? So, I've tried getting some things done while he's playing with our new PS3. However the attension span of a full grown male is much shorter then you would expect. My only other alternative is scrapping during my free time at work. Which, on a normal week is usually quite a bit of time. Lately, however, I've been so darn busy with the summer travelers, it hasn't left me much time to be in the office.

Oh well, you do what you've gotta do right? I've been slowly working on a new kit, if you haven't already checked out my designs section, you should. I have a very small sneak peak at what I'm working on. I'm thinking about calling it "Day and Night". But, that may change once I start getting more and more elements done. Slowly but surely. I'm hoping to have it ready for you by the weekend. But, that's what I said last week. I'm sure you all will forgive me once you see it.

Happy Monday Everyone, Have a great week.

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Ginger said...

So what you need to do is start making $ on your designs, then your DH will be happy for you to work on it LOL....Your new kit looks fun from the preview :) Can't wait!! Ginger